Green with Indy is dedicated to composting all organic material and offering compostable services and products. We average 10-15 thousand pounds of per week in food waste diversion and counting.

It's been determined that 80% of everything that's thrown away on a weekly basis is compostable. This is comprised of packaging, paper, wooden furniture, yard waste, natural fibered clothing and food. It even includes the dust from our vacuum bags, hair and finger nails. Think of this way, if it's carbon-based, it can be composted and returned to the earth as nature's fertilizer.

We provide food waste hauling for composting, compost sales for organic soil maintenance, compostable shopping bags to reduce the impact of plastic bags in our landfills, organic lawn and garden maintenance to collect organic materials for composting and compostable supplies for food service operations. We also provide organic event management to reduce its impact.

Composting all organic material is nature’s way of breaking down material to enrich the soil from which it came. In order to compost food waste and all organic matter on your own, you have to be dedicated to making it work.

Green with indy is here to help you when you can't and in the process, provide complete commercial and residential composting support.

Only 37% of the earth is farmable.

Amount of available fresh water is 1%.

We all share the same are with little to no constraints on pollutants.

7,000,000,000+ people to feed.

We must protect it as if our lives depend on it.