Plastic Bag

Plastic Bags

The nemisis of the concept of what's organic or sustainable.

The solution:

Compostable Shopper or Check Out Bags and Garbage Liners that are made of cornstarch and natural polymers. That's it.

These are the byproducts of food, a compostable material.

We offer a variety of compostable bags for your needs.

Compostable Shopper Bags
0.7 and .10 mil. thick

Compostable Bin Liners for Food and Yard Waste
17-64 gal. garbage bag and yard waste liner information

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There are approximately 500 bllion to 1 trillion plastic bags thrown away every year. Among these are grocery, storage, garbage, cleaner, shopping bags, etc.

As bad as that is, the real crime is "organic" farmer's selling produce at farmer's markets who distribute thousands of them on a weekly basis. Now there's a better solution.