Willfully Blind

What happens to us  as ‘ordinary’ people, absent of the labels that bind to a political philosophy, not Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians or Tea Partiers, but just those who see problems but are fearful, apathetic or unaware of the seriousness of what we see? What happens to our “being”, when we know that something is out of kilter and will not step forward to shed light on issues that threaten us, ignoring their relevance?

What is our legacy, our contribution to our own unique position within this lifetime if we ignore our obligations toward one another? We live as a society where we are responsible to each other, regardless of ethnicity, creed or color. We protect newborns, our sovereignty and the freedoms we think are inalienable, but what about the persons who turn a blind eye toward environmental commitments that are required in order to protect terra fermi? Why the disconnect from scientific fact about our environment, attempting to bend light to reflect a contrarian perspective, ignoring facts and truth? We teach children to clean up their rooms, helping them to understand that even though it’s theirs, they are part of our societal fabric and what happens in their room establishes an attitude and responsibility to the household overall. Shouldn’t that extend to our earth as well?

It does take imagination to ask what if and maybe that’s what’s missing: imagination. What if we do or don’t do something about the refuse we contribute to landfills, about the quality of our drinking water, about the quality and sources of our food and how they impact our humanity, our natural resources? What if…

The Gift, Earth.

Earth, the only frontier.

To be willfully blind about environmental, social or political issues is convenient escapism. It allows you not to commit, to just exist like a vegetable, albeit of conventional variety, organics are too complex. I mean why change if you don’t have to right? As long as it’s “them” and not “me”, everything’s just fine. It’s like a child who covers his eyes and in doing so, thinks he’s invisible.

But to be willfully observant, reactive, engaged, confrontational, and questioning authority about our earth and our collective well-being is to be truly American. But too many of us have chosen complacency, turning a blind eye, hoping a processed version of lamb’s blood on our door will allow the issues to pass by, requiring no commitment.

What if we’re wrong about climate change? At best we’ve cleaned up the space we live in and are socially responsible to our existence. Isn’t that the way we’re suppose to live?

There is no upside to being willfully blind.

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