I’m am frequently asked, “What can be composted?”. On our Facebook page, I posted a photo that features a scene played out each week…trash cans, bags or boxes loaded with our household stuff, of which, eighty percent is compostable. So in answering the question, “what can be composted”, here’s a list of items that can become “black gold”. Get ready for a few surprises.

Paper napkins, freezer-burned vegetables and fruit, burlap coffee bags, pet and human hair, potash rock, wood chips, bee droppings, lint from behind refrigerator, hay, popcorn (unpopped, ‘Old Maids,’ too), old spices…these should be thrown out every six months, pine needles, leaves, matches (paper or wood), twigs, seaweed and kelp, chicken manure, leather dust, old dried up and faded herbs, bird cage cleanings, paper towels, brewery wastes from you home brewers, grass clippings, hoof and horn meal, molasses residue, unpaid bills, weeds, rabbit manure, coffee grounds, sawdust, tea bags and grounds, shredded newspapers, cow manure, grapefruit rinds, pea vines, houseplant trimmings, old pasta, grape wastes, powdered/ground phosphate rock…this is being overused by our farmers, corncobs (takes a long time to decompose), jell-o (gelatin), winery wastes, Spanish moss, limestone, blood and fish meal, aquarium plants, shredded newspaper, felt waste, wheat straw, peat moss, Kleenex tissues, milk (in small amounts), soy milk, tree bark, melted ice cream, flower petals, pumpkin seeds…although you should roast them, q-tips (cotton swabs: cardboard, not plastic sticks), expired flower arrangements, Elmer’s glue, old leather gardening gloves, tobacco wastes, bird guano, hog manure, guinea pig cage cleanings, nut shells, cattail reeds…It’s food folks, clover, granite dust…this balances the pH in soil, greensand, straw, shredded cardboard, Dolomite lime, cover crops, e.g., alfalfa and winter rye, rapeseed meal, bat guano, fish scraps, tea bags (black and herbal), electric razor trimmings – hair, outdated yogurt, seafood shells, leather wallets, lint from clothes dryer, fingernail and toenail clippings, wooden toothpicks, moss from last year’s hanging baskets, pencil shavings, wool socks, leather watch bands, brown paper bags, theater tickets, lees from making wine, feathers, animal fur, horse manure, vacuum cleaner bag contents – except plastic, glass, wire, etc., coconut hull fiber, old or outdated seeds, wedding bouquets, greeting card envelopes, Ivory soap scraps, produce trimmings from grocery store, cardboard cereal boxes (shredded), grocery receipts, animal manure with straw, annual weeds, Bindweed,
 Bracken…release the bracken!, coffee grounds, comfrey leaves, cut flowers, grass mowings,
 hay, hedge clippings, house plants, ivy leaves and nettles, old bedding, plants, perennial weeds, poisonous plants, pruning’s and plant debris, tea leaves and bags,
 autumn leaves, cardboard e.g. egg cartons, postcards, but not corrugated, Christmas trees, cornstarch bin liners, cotton towels, cotton, wool, egg shells, Evergreen prunings,
 natural cork, untreated paper bags, used kitchen paper and wood ash.

Do you get the point?

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