A Clear and Present Danger…Climate Change

Have you heard the news? Last May 6, 2014, the 2014 National Climate Assessment (NCA) report was released, and the results are not good. The results of this four year study reveal climate change is not a worry of a distant future, but is a present concern for citizens of the United States of America. As the earth warms, several sectors of the U.S. will be profoundly and adversely impacted.

The Southwest will get hotter, and prolonged droughts and rampant wildfires will become the new normal; Alaska will melt, as the Arctic has heated up more than twice as rapidly as the rest of the country over the past 60 years; our nation’s coastlines will be more vulnerable to mass flooding as sea levels rise; and, agriculture will begin to collapse as warming intensifies.

While listening to one of several White House climate change panels discussing the findings of the NCA report, one reporter was astute enough to inquire about the hopes each researcher involved with the study has for the future of America. While the news itself was not good, the optimism for rapid action by American citizens was palpable among the panel.

One panel member spoke to his hope for the rise of local food movements. As the earth warms and the future of mass agricultural pursuits becomes more uncertain, an emphasis on urban agriculture and local food education will become far more prevalent.

Combating a seemingly imminent food crisis has always been the mission of Green with Indy. We strive to educate Hoosiers on our dynamic earth and ever-changing climate and the importance—and ease—of establishing local and urban agricultural pursuits.

There is hope, but it is contingent upon all of us using the NCA as a tool, and moving the words in the report into the policies that are adopted into our federal and state governments. In the meantime, GWI will continue our mission to aid Hoosiers and create an environment of education and action to slow the impact of undesirable climate change here at home.

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