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Preventative health guidelines will be aggressively promoted as a method to reduce health care cost. Employers are becoming proactive in their emphasis on banning smoking and encouraging weight reduction as contingent to job placement and retention. More importantly, our health issues are directly related to diet, stress and economics: the inability to afford medical treatment or the lack of medical insurance.  Pesticides are being linked to childhood development and health issues. Those among us who are economically disadvantaged may have limited choices about what to eat due to the lack of resources and how that relates to what’s available in our communities — in short, our neighborhoods have become a fast food culture from around the country, and our bodies and lifestyles reflect their impact. We are overweight, sick from all kinds of diseases, stressed out and short of temper and of attention.

But every cloud has its silver lining. This is a seminal moment where we have an opportunity to change the narrative of how we relate to what and how we eat and reestablish dining as a family value.

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