$165 Billion Up in Smoke!


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According to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, Americans waste $165 billion worth of food a year of which ends up incinerated as energy! Let’s be clear about this. Burning food or trash is not the type of … Continue reading

Family Gardening: A Plan to Reclaim Quality Time and Dinnertime


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A common excuse many Americans use to justify our excessive consumption of fast food at dinnertime is the supposed pressure of “crunch time.” Allegedly, we are too busy, too tired, and too preoccupied to take the time to cook and … Continue reading

Crunch Time At the Intersections of Stress, Diet and Quality Family Time.


A recent article published by NPR addresses a dilemma faced by many families: the struggle to balance our hectic lifestyles and the effect our busy lives have on after school study time, exercise, and family dinner routines. In a survey … Continue reading