Green with Indy provides food and organic waste hauling for composting. We are a small container service for commercial food service operations, restaurants and residences. We provide 65 gallon, roll-out carts for curbside commercial pick-up and 17 gallon table-top bins for residential pick-up. We also offer a full range of compostable bag-liners, compostable supplies and green event services to help reduce your impact on our earth.

Americans throw away 40% of the nation's food supply, which equals $165 billion dollars in waste. That's $165 BILLION DOLLARS thrown into landfills every year! And, what's more incredible?...we can use foodwaste to grow more food!

Do your part to end this by scraping your compost materials into your bin, we'll pick it up and compost it for you.

Just a 15 percent reduction in discarded U.S. food would save enough food to feed 25 million Americans annually. Food waste is the single, largest component of solid waste in U.S. landfills. When in landfills emits high levels of carbon dioxide and methane gas that's attributed to climate disruption.


Get a Bin!


Why Compost?

To create healthy soil.

To amend heavy metals like lead in soil.

To reduce the use of oil-based herbicides and pesticides.

To reduce the use of oil-based fertilizers in our food.