Healthy-organic lawns and gardens begins with soil, the grow medium or environment under which plants survive. Green with Indy provides services and information about maintaining a healthy lawn through better soil management and composting. Take a look at this .pdf file about organic lawn maintenance.


Here's a list of
Organic Lawn Maintenance Services

  1. Aeration, De-thatching, Cutting, Organic Pest Control and Soil Management
  2. Clay soil amendment/soil testing processes and service
  3. Compost for Soil Amendment/Spreading/Berms and Socks/Raised Bed Gardening/Horticulture/Irrigation and Erosion Control/Compost Tea
  4. Permaculture design - lawn and garden methodologies suitable for Central Indiana
  5. Fall Clean Up to Compost
  6. Compostable Leaf Bag Collection and Sales

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Every lawn that's sprayed with artificial fertilizers and herbicides add an over-abundance of nitrogen and potassium to rivers and streams causing algae bloom and milfoil weed infestations.